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Champions and Finalists

Champions and Finalists for the 2022 Jaguars United Spring Invitational

Div Champion Finalist
BU7Gold_4v4Boys-07 Michigan Jaguars CW3 2015 Boys Green2015 Dearborn Jags Boys Green 1
BU07Silver_4v42015 Novi Jaguars Boys Green 2Michigan Tigers 2015B Silver
BU07Bronze_4v4DCFC South Oakland 15B RougeLiverpool Clarkston Boys 2016
BU08_4v4Michigan Jaguars Huron Valley 2014 Boys GreenDCFC West 14 Gold 1
BU08Elite_7v7Nationals Macomb 2014 BlackMI Jaguars 2014 Boys Green
BU08Gold_7v7Michigan Jaguars Novi 2014 Boys WhiteNationals Macomb 2014 Red
BU08Silver_7v7Dearborn Jaguars 2014 GreenMichigan Jaguars 2014 Boys Black
BU09Silver_7v7Michigan Tigers 2013B BlueHuron Valley Jaguars Green
BU10Bronze_7v7Huron Valley Storm SC 2012 BoysMichigan Jaguars 2012 Boys Black
BU11Elite_9v9MFA Revolution 11B BlackMI Wolves 2011 Academy
BU11Gold1_9v9Legends FCMichigan Stars Lightning
BU11Gold2_9v9Novi Jaguars '11 BlackSWM Kickers 2011 Blue
BU11Silver_9v9Delaware KnightsMichigan Jaguars Genesee 2011 Boys White
BU12Elite_9v9MI Jaguars 2010 Boys Pre MLSMFA Revolution 10B Black
BU12Silver_9v9Central 10 B Pre-Academy 2Dearborn Jaguars 2010 Boys White
BU13EliteChicago FC United B2009 Pre-AcademyMichigan Jaguars 2009 Boys United
BU13GoldMFA Revolution 09B VoltNorth Storm 09 Boys
BU13Silver2Chelsea SC 09 Boys BlueRomeo FC Rapids
BU14GoldDearborn Jags 08 Boys GreencaledonJD
BU15GoldMichigan Jaguars CW3 2007Michigan Jaguars FC Genesee 2007 Green Boys
BU15SilverDCFC West 07B GoldChicago FC United B2007 Pre-Academy Black
BU16GoldMFA Revolution 06B VoltHuron Valley Jaguars 06 Boys Green
BU16SilverDearborn Jaguars 06 Boys GreenDCFC West 06B Gold
BU16-17EliteLiverpool North Oakland 05 Boys AcademyMichigan Jaguars 2005 Novi Boys Green
BU17-19EliteMichigan Jaguars CW3 2004Huron Valley Jaguars 2005 Boys Green
BU17-19GoldThundercats 04 Orange BoysMichigan Jaguars Novi 2004 Boys Green
BU17-19SilverArsenal 04BMichigan Jaguars 03 Boys Green
GU07Gold_4v4Michigan Jaguars Novi 2015 Girls Green 2Girls 2015 CW3 Jags - White
GU07Bronze_4v4Michigan Jaguars Novi 2015 Girls WhiteDCFC South Oakland 15G Rouge
GU08Gold_4v4Michigan Jaguars Novi 2014 Girls BlackDCFC Youth West 2014 Girls Gold
GU08Silver_4v4Thundercats 2014 Orange GirlsLFC North Oakland Pre-Academy
GU08Elite_7v7MI Hawks 14' DeRuvoNationals 14' Macomb Black
GU09Elite_7v72013 Hawks KarolakGirls 2013 CW3 Jags - Green
GU09Silver_7v7Dearborn Jaguars 13 GreenOregon Crew
GU09Bronze_7v72013 Hawks PierceEastside FC Girls 13 Green
GU10Gold1_7v7Nationals Macomb 2012 Girls BlackOakland Nationals 2013 Girls Black
GU10Gold2_7v7Dearborn Jaguars 2012 GreenEastside Girls 2012
GU10Silver1_7v7Lightning BlueNationals Macomb 2012 Red
GU10Silver2_7v7Nationals Troy 2012 Girls BlackThundercats 2012/2013 Girls
GU11Y_9v9Midwest United 2012 Royal girlsMichigan Jaguars CW3 2012 green
GU11Elite_9v9MI Jaguars 2011 Girls GreenLegends FC
GU11Silver_9v9Plymouth Reign 11 Girls Green2011 Dearborn Jaguars Girls Green
GU11-12Gold_9v9MI Stars 11G Elite II2010/2011 Jaguar Novi Green Team
GU12Silver_9v9Dearborn Jags Girls Green 2010Michigan Jaguars Genesee 2010 Girls White
GU13EliteDelaware Select Soccer Club/DSSC Lady KnightsLiverpool FC-IA MI Clarkston 09 G Academy
GU13SilverMichigan Jaguars 2010 Girls Pre-AcademyMI Stars Elite I
GU14GoldThundercats 2008 Orange GirlsDEARBORN JAGUARS 08 GIRLS GREEN
HS_GirlsMidwest United 2007 GirlsNationals Oakland 07 Girls Black


Jaguars United Spring Invitational
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